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Tucked away between the beautiful, bike and pedestrian friendly Elizabeth River Trail and city’s Plum Point Park, our brewery has become a hub of community activity.  All our philanthropic initiatives target local charities, schools, and organizations so that we may give back to our community as a show of gratitude for the incredible support we have received.

Community Partners

We focus our efforts on beautification projects to help make our neighborhood and our city a better place to call home.

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Fresh Hops
Benchtop beer

Local First

Being a family owned local business, we strive to give back to other small local businesses as often as possible.  We source as many ingredients as we can locally.  We also put an emphasis on partnering with local businesses to source things such as coffee, bread, peppers, fruits, vegetables, and oysters.  We even use local artists for the artwork for some of our can and bottle labels.

Thank you to our local supply partners:

  • Eastern Shore Coffee Roasters
  • Chelsea Bakehouse
  • Yorgo’s Bageldashery
  • Cullipher Farms
  • New Earth Farm
  • Ann Horton’s
  • Agriberry
  • Videri Chocolate Factory
  • Epiphany Craft Malt

Sustainable Practices

We strive to make sustainable choices whenever possible. These things might be small individually but together make a big difference.

  • We give our spent grain from each brew to a local farmer to feed to his animals.
  • We double batch our brews in the same day as much as possible so we can recapture our hot water rather than heating it up again the next day.
  • We use motion activated lights in our lab, office, and our restrooms in order to reduce energy use
  • We no longer keep disposable cups by the drinking water fountain. We have replaced them with reusable, washable cups.
  • We no longer purchase bags for merchandise and packaged beer. Instead, we re-use our cardboard case trays. We also allow staff to bring in plastic bags they have collected at home.
  • Previously, we used plastic 4 pack holders that were made of recycled material, however, we found they had to be specially recycled and the service was not offered locally. We shopped around at some eco-friendly options and found some cost-effective and much more environmentally friendly compostable 4 pack holders.
To-go packaging

Donations and Sponsorships

Apply for a donation by filling out the Donations and Sponsorships form.