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Thoughtfully crafted

Benchtop Brewing was created to be unique, innovative, and engaging hub for the local community of Norfolk, Virginia. Thoughtfully crafted by owners Eric and Talia, Benchtop takes great pride in being a family-owned and operated small business.

The idea of the brewery had been fermenting in Eric’s mind long before it came into fruition in 2015.

Eric worked as food scientist and spent years in the research and development, quality control, process improvement, and consumer Insights fields where he gained the experience he needed to open the brewery.

In the field of Innovation, the first iteration of new prototype is commonly referred to as a Benchtop sample.

The name stuck and after 15 years of experience, Eric handed in his lab coat for brewer boots and opened Benchtop Brewing. In 2018, Talia left her job in the nursing field to join the team as the Operations Manager. Together they strike a harmonious blend between this scientific approach and the artistic freedom to create a truly unique tasting experience.

The tasting room has become a hub for locals in the Chelsea neighborhood in Norfolk.

Built upon an amazing bond with the community, Benchtop is strongly rooted in their trust to always produce a creative and innovative beer experience. Enjoy a beer while overlooking the beautiful Elizabeth River Trail that winds past the tasting room and research facility, where you can always find Eric and Talia fine-tuning their beverages in the name of continuous improvement.

Meet The Team

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Eric Tennant

Founder/Head Brewer
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Talia Tennant

Director Business Operations
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David Hughes

Lead Brewer
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Dustin Woodham

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Melissa Legler

Cellar person