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Benchtop Wins VEER’s 2018 Golden Tap Award

Benchtop Brewing Company won the overall Golden Tap when Veer Magazine presented its annual Local Beer Awards at O’Connor Brewing Company in Norfolk.

Gold, silver and bronze medals were given out in 50 categories ranging from various beers styles to festivals and restaurant beer selections.

The Golden Tap is awarded to the brewery that accumulates the most points. Gold medals counted as 3 points, 2 for silver and 1 for bronze.

Benchtop scored a record 43 total points, with seven individual gold medals, one silver, one bronze and a pair (one gold, one silver) of shared collaboration category awards.

The overall Top 5 breweries were as follows

  1. Benchtop Brewing Co: 43 Points
  2. Alewerks Brewing Company: 32 Points
  3. Big Ugly Brewing Company: 23.5 Points
  4. The Bold Mariner Brewing Company: 23 Points
  5. O’Connor Brewing Company: 20.5 Points
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