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The delicious is in the details

Construction is finally winding down at the brewery.  Final connections are being made and we will have Deutsche down in the next couple weeks to commission our system and we can start brewing some beer!!

The had the wonderful folks at Virginia Water Systems in the brewery installing our water treatments systems. Check them out here:

These guys are legit.  Although some may think it is overkill, we are not only removing chlorine from our brewing water, we are also running it through a UV system for further purification and then filtering it.  You can’t make great beer without great water.  Check it out:


If you think that was digging into the details, we have gone a step further to enhance the enjoyment of beers in our tasting room.  We actually split a line off of our clean chlorine free brewing water so we could send it to the tasting room rather than just providing city water.


This allows us to feed our glass rinser with non chlorinated practically sterile water.  This also gives a clean chlorine free source of drinking water for our customers!  Did we mention that Norfolk Plumbing is awesome?  These guys are absolutely great to work with.

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